Get Ready to Take Your Education & Learning Experiences to the Next Level!

If you are looking to quickly set up your own educational course platform and ready to unlock your true potential, then don't let fear stop you from being the best version of yourself! If you have knowledge about something that you are passionate about, others will pay you for what you know.





Our easy-to-use, secure, and mobile-first optimized platform allows you to create high-quality courses, trainings, quizzes, and automated lessons within minutes.

Harness the power of our groundbreaking platform and start monetizing your skills, experiences, and knowledge today.

The WOWE Factor Academy makes it quicker and easier than ever to create high-quality courses, trainings, automated lessons, quizzes and more.

In addition, it offers a competitive edge in terms of speed and security compared to other educational systems on the market today. Our system is designed to help you optimize your business skills, education and learning experiences, and take you to the next level.

Business Owners

Are you a business owner that is looking to quickly create efficient online courses and training for your employees, but feel overwhelmed by the complexity of traditional eLearning platforms?

Traditional eLearning platforms take a long time to learn and require complex installation procedures before they are operational. With these inefficiencies, you may be missing out on potential opportunities with your students.

The WOWE Factor Academy is an easy-to-use educational course creation platform that allows business owners to quickly set up their own fully-fledged, high-quality courses, trainings, quizzes, and automated lessons.

Our system is secure, mobile-first optimized, and better than other traditional learning systems – so you don't have to miss out on any opportunities. 

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Trainers

Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur or trainer looking to create and sell online courses, but struggling to find the right tools for your business?

Setting up fully-fledged high-quality courses and automated lessons can be a cumbersome task. Traditional educational systems are not secure nor mobile first and can be slower than you would like.

The WOWE Factor Academy is the perfect solution that empowers entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to quickly set up fully-fledged, High-Quality courses, trainings, quizzes, and automated lessons for their students. Our system is secure, faster, and mobile-first optimized - perfect for creating and selling online courses.

Educators, Consultants and Coaches

Are you an educator, consultant or coach looking for an effective way to create and deliver high-quality courses to your students? It can be a real struggle finding the right system that meets all of your needs.

The search for the perfect educational platform is over. The WOWE Factor Academy will help you build secure and mobile-first courses, trainings, quizzes, and automated lessons that are better, faster, and more secure than other standard educational systems.

Here at The WOWE Factor Academy, our easy-to-use course creation platform empowers educators, consultants and coaches to quickly set up fully-fledged courses and educate their students in no time.

Get ready for incredible results with simple setup and much less time spent on development! 

Who Is The WOWE Factor Academy For?

Anyone needing an easy-to-use educational platform that can present lessons using videos, ppts, pdfs, docs, etc., with an option of presenting a quiz and/or a certificate at the end of the course.

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It's A Simple Process To Build Up Your Academy

Quickly set up your professor details, your means of collecting payments, and your primary sending email.  That's right, you can email students.

And you're off!  Now, just set up the course details and lessons. 

That's it.

A Regular lesson

An Evaluation lesson - Quiz

A Live lesson - (Live Training just like a webinar)

Watch Demo Video On How The WOWE Factor Academy Works

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Get This Free Ebook to help you be successful!

E-Learning is an incredibly lucrative industry, and this e-book gives you all you need to know to get your piece in this incredible market.

If you have expertise in a niche and can create a product or service that will solve a problem for your audience, then this is a great resource to help you create your own online course.


Create Courses & Lessons, Easy Setup, Check Stats And Much More

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Why Choose The WOWE Factor Academy?

We make Education effortless.

We make Education effortless.

Our mobile-first optimized platform is faster, more secure, and easier to navigate than other course creation systems – it’s designed specifically for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and educators.

Our user-friendly system makes creating and managing lessons and quizzes easy, so you can focus on empowering your students with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Start Monetizing with Us TODAY.

Start Monetizing with Us TODAY.

We understand that time is of the essence for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs wanting to monetize their skills, experiences, and audience. That's why The WOWE Factor Academy allows users to quickly set up their platforms with minimal effort on their part. Start making money from the comfort of your home today!

Easily create professional courses that generate consistent revenues with minimal effort on your part. Grow your online income quickly without technical knowledge or experience!

Achieve Greater Success with Advanced Features.

Achieve Greater Success with Advanced Features.

Leverage powerful features like automated lesson plans, assessments & quizzes, membership portals & discounts, invite-only private content access.

Having a mobile-first optimized platform means, your courses will look great on any mobile devise because the platform builds from the mobile end first, then to the tablet and desktop. This allows your students to access your courses anywhere, at any time, with no problem. 

Keep your Students Engaged with Live Trainings & Quizzes.

Keep your Students Engaged with Live Trainings & Quizzes.

Go beyond just providing courses and keep your students engaged with personalized training sessions, real-time quizzes, collaborative exercises plus much more! We help you develop a learning experience that will exceed their expectations and make you, not only look sensational, but be sensational!

We'll help you easily create an engaging educational environment so that you can increase your revenue while helping your students reach their goals!

Launch Lessons As Live Webinars

Plus you'll be able to save your live lesson which you can then use as a regular course lesson.

Save Webinars As Course Lessons

When your live webinar ends you'll be able to save it for use as a course lesson.


Our learning platform is robust, create regular courses and live webinars.

Academy 's Winning Feature List

Features Not Found On Other Platforms Are Already Included Even In Our Basic Plans!

  • Academy Module.
  • No Transaction Or Hidden Fees.
  • Professor / Co-Professor (The Professor is the person that's in charge of the whole academy. You can bring in Co-Professors who are teaching a course in your main course if you so desire.)
  • Regular Lessons.
  • Quiz Lessons.
  • Live Lessons.
  • Polls / Chat.
  • One Click Zoom Webinar Startup.
  • FB Live / YouTube Live Easy & Fast.
  • Scheduled Webinar-Like Lessons.
  • Course Discount Coupons.
  • Course URLs / QR Codes.
  • Courses / Communities.
  • Webinar Reminders.
  • Email Students.
  • Drip Feed.
  • Statistics.
  • How To Videos.

Special Bonus

A WOWE Mobile-First Pro Website

It can be difficult to get the word out about your course, and you may need to invest in marketing or advertising to reach your target audience.

Convincing people to buy your course is the biggest pain recurring problem online course creators face.

That is why we are including in your platform, a Do-It-Yourself WOWE Mobile-First Pro Website.

You now have the ability to create your own website or landing page inside the platform, to grow your audience, promote and sell your course.

The WOWE Mobile-First Pro Website is a mobile-first website, which means it is easy to use on mobile devices without performance issues.

It is also optimized to rank well on search engines because there is a growing number of users who prefer mobile devices over desktop computers.

Your site will be a closed source cloud-based website, making it virtually impenetrable to security threats unlike other websites which are open source, needs constant updates, heightened security measures, and is still vulnerable to threats.

Create Lightning Fast “Mobile First” Websites

It is an intuitive widget-based site builder that is easy to use.

Simply select the widget that fits your content need and you’re done. A widget is the equivalent of the WordPress plugin without the headaches of compatibility – and it all works seamlessly.

In addition, The WOWE Factor Academy comes loaded with Step-by-Step Video Tutorials.

You’ll get a well-organized, robust, yet easy-to-understand video training system explaining how to use the Academy and the WOWE Mobile-First Pro Website.

Here Are a Few More WOWE Factor Academy Features

Email Transport System

Allows you to utilize SendGrid, SendInBlue, and Soon coming- Custom STMP will allow you to utilize your own emails, Gmail, etc.

SEO Titles and Meta Description

for Both Google and Facebook, etc. and distinguish your brand from everyone else.

Build complete websites - in 10 minutes

This platform allows you to easily build complete websites - quickly. Using templates or starting from scratch, you will have astonishing sites with no effort and in a matter of minutes

Desktop adaptive - perfect on mobile

Build once, work everywhere. Our technology gives you pixel perfect websites that look great on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Seamlessly and without any specific effort from you.

Use your own domains - with SSL!

Freely personalize and brand all your websites with your own custom domain - and add a globally trusted SSL certificate to make your site even more reliable and valuable to users and search engines

Tons of beautiful ready-made templates

Creating beautiful websites is a breeze with our system: you can choose among dozens and dozens of ready made, astonishing templates that will allow you to be online immediately - with style

So, what are you waiting for?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make the most out of your skills and knowledge in 2024!

This year, make your resolution a reality by choosing a plan below and launch a successful online course TODAY!

And don’t forget to get your FREE Create Your Online Course Ebook to help you be successful!

WOWE Factor Prices & Plans Special

Take advantage of this WOWE Factor Special, because the prices can Go Up at any time!

Start Monetizing Your Skills, Experiences and Knowledge Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with Academy, there is a well-organized, robust, yet easy-to-understand video training system already available.

Yes. It can be done through our emailing system that comes with Academy, and this is covered in the training videos.

No, not at this time, however, you can run polls, communicate privately or publicly with the attendees via chat, and there is a whiteboard during live training.

Yes, during the live session, you can turn on the share screen and share your whole screen or just an open application like PowerPoint.

Yes, you can share up to five file attachments per lesson. Permissible file types include: (txt, ppt, pdf, doc, mp3, mp4, & even zip files).


Depending on the Plan you have, yes. You can also utilize embeds and URLs to share your lesson.

Yes. You can either run your live Academy directly through Zoom Webinar or you could choose to run the Academy through Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

Yes, if you need attestation, you can get it through our Customer Management System (CRM) to obtain signatures and to release graduation certificates.

We hope you don’t, but of course you can! If you decide The WOWE Factor Academy is not right for you, simply cancel your account.

Yes. You can change your plan at any time from your academy’s admin. You’ll be charged the new plan amount at your next billing date.

There are 0% transaction fees on The WOWE Factor Academy payment gateways for any plan.

The WOWE Factor Academy provide the tools to teach what you love. If you have knowledge about something that your passionate about others will pay for what you know. Business managers, physical trainers, life coaches, consultants, musicians, financial advisors, artists, people with hobbies and crafts... you name it.